The specific and primary purpose for which this organization was formed is to build and maintain an activity Club for the senior residents of Apple Valley, and the surrounding areas, that will promote the welfare, happiness, health, recreation, personal growth and community service of the seniors in the area.

Full Membership: Age 55

Associate Membership: Age 50-54

After signing up for membership, one must attend one (1) general membership meeting within a three (3) month period.


Initiation Fee: $25 (one-time fee)

Annual Dues: $35 (due Jan 1)

Total Joining Fee: $60 due when joining

Reinstatement: $50 ($15 plus $35 annual dues)


Open Mon-Fri 9AM - 4PM

13188 Central Road

Apple Valley, CA 92307

(760) 247-3155

Thrift Shop

Open Thurs-Sat 9AM - 2PM

22295 Highway 18

Apple Valley, CA 92307

(760) 247-6702